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Electro Enterprises offers all of our customers various services to assist in both meeting their individual requirements as well as drive down costs. Our services include connector assembly, fiber optic cable assembly, kitting, marking, built to print, military packaging and labeling, and vendor managed inventory. For more information on each of the services we offer, please use the various services tabs below.
  • Connector
  • Fiber Optic Cable Assembly
  • Marking
  • Built to Print
  • Military Packaging
  • Vendor Inventory

Connector & PC Tail Assembly

Use our new value added lines to fill your connector orders. We can build thousands of different connector layouts in our warehouse. We offer Deutsch, Amphenol Industrial, Cosair, Array and RMS


Our state of the art Marking machines work on any part. Contact us to talk about capabilities

Built to Print

We will work to build and spec parts specific to your needs.

Military Packaging, Marking and Labeling

We can create custom barcodes and labels to your specifications

Vendor Managed Inventory

Let us manage your inventory for you to keep down your inventory costs.

Fiber Optic Cable Assembly

Fiber optics has continued its growth as an industry. Consistent with the demands of this growth, our fiber optics department offers the highest quality, single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic cable, connectors, jumpers and pigtail assemblies to be found anywhere. Our cable assemblies are finished to UPC or APC.

We can expertly provide you with 900µm buffered fiber, simplex, duplex and multi-fiber patch-cords and pig-tails. Our fiber optics department is capable of quickly and accurately connecting your cable with FC, ST, SC, D4, FDDI, LC or Biconic connectors and even provide 90 degree boots if necessary. Other connector types are also available.

Customized to your specifications.

Creating an Electro Fiber Optic Part Number

Position 1 and 2 -
0 = Pig Tail (no connector)
1 = FC
1A = FC Angle
2 = ST
3 = SC
3A = SC Angle
4 = D4
5 = Biconic
6 = FDDI
7 = SMA
8 = LC

Position 3 -
1 - Single Mode, Simplex
2 - Multi Mode, Simplex
3 - Single Mode, Duplex
4 - Multi Mode, Duplex
5 - Multi Mode, Simplex (2MM)
6 - Single Mode, Simplex (2MM)

Optional Position
Additional outside cable jacketing and other configurations are available. Requests are detailed here. This position may be omitted to indicate no additional special configuration.

Position 4 -
Length of the cable assembly - length is always specified using 3 digits.

Position 5 -
Unit of measure for the length of the cable assembly. Unit of measure is specified by F (feet) or M (meters)